A reminder to our valued clients and partners that Home and Community Care services are available from Toronto Central Local Health Integration Network (LHIN) 365 days a year. Care staff, including hospital coordinators, will be open for business during the upcoming Statutory Holidays (Christmas, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day). 

Should you have any questions over the holidays, please call: 416-506-9888.

Planning for the Holidays

The holiday season brings predictable challenges to the health system. We are working with all of our health service partners to ensure that our health system is ready to meet your health needs now, and over the busy holidays.

But everyone has a role to play in ensuring health and wellness. Below are some resources that may be helpful to you and your family. Wishing all of you health, wellness and happy holidays.

What you can do:

You may think you are ready for the holidays, but there may still be somethings to check off your list:

• Check your medications before the holidays. Do you need any prescriptions filled? Do you have cold and flu medications for adults and children to avoid middle-of-the-night trips to the pharmacy?

• Be sure you know when your family doctor/primary care provider and/or pharmacy is available over the holidays should you need care. You can also ask if they offer back-up coverage.

• Make sure all of your medical equipment (glucometer, supplies, inhalers, oxygen supports) are in good working condition and well stocked.

• Find out if there are urgent care clinics/walk in clinics in your area that will be open to help you with non-urgent needs.

• Wash your hands and clean your space more often to avoid catching or spreading the flu and other illnesses. Sneeze into a tissue, keep both tissues, and hand sanitizer readily available for you and any guests.

Important Resources

The holidays are often stressful and overwhelming, but the following resources can help: