Facilitated Integrations 

Improved services to patients and clients is the goal of all integration activity. While voluntary integrations are preferred, at times facilitated integration are needed.  Facilitated integrations are led by Toronto Central LHIN, and include any of the options in the full spectrum of integration activity.  The following are initial considerations for facilitated integration activity.

Toronto Central LHIN will, at the outset, provide clear data and/or evidence that a facilitated integration will lead to improved patient and client services or outcomes.   Successful facilitated integrations begin with the evidence that demonstrate a need for change.  The evidence is found in population health and needs assessment data, health service provider performance results, and service performance.   

Toronto Central LHIN has identified an initial list of service integration opportunities based on high volume, multiple providers, and variation in performance metrics.  These services account for approximately 65% of the Toronto Central LHIN allocation for community services.  They are:

  • Assisted Living Services
  • Personal Support Independence Training
  • Clinic Programs in Community Health Centres
  • Residential Mental Health Support within Housing
  • Mental Health Case Management Supportive Counselling Services
  • Day Program for Seniors
  • Residential Addiction Treatment Service Substance Abuse
  • Health Promotion and Education Chronic Disease Awareness
  • Crisis Intervention

Toronto Central LHIN Local Collaborative are ideal platforms to engage leaders in the health care system to consider integration options to advance population health outcomes, service capacity improvements and desired patient and client services.  The above list has been presented for ongoing discussion with Local Collaboratives

Toronto Central LHIN has a responsibility to respond when services to patients and clients are not effective.  An indicator of this is repeated, prevalent, or serious inability of service providers to meet performance expectations.  LHINs are required to act, and a facilitated integration of services is an option.

Facilitated integrations will be launched in 2017/18.  Information will be updated as it becomes available.