Integration is a fundamental part of our work at the Toronto Central Local Health Integration Network (LHIN) and since our creation in 2006 we have supported and encouraged integration activity with the goal to produce better outcomes for patients and clients. 

Through the LHIN’s legislation, Local Health System Integration Act (LHSIA), the LHINs have a number of tools to create a more integrated and well-functioning health care system for health service providers, and most importantly, for the clients, patients, and consumers they serve. At the Toronto Central LHIN, we believe that advancing the integration of health care services around patients and clients is key to achieving a healthier Toronto, as outlined in our 2015-18 Strategic Plan.

Advancing the Integration Conversation

In December 2015, Toronto Central LHIN launched a third party review of integrations.  The aim of the review was to make recommendations to improve on the success of the voluntary integration process, as well as how success can be achieved in Toronto Central LHIN-led or facilitated integrations.  The integration review was led by a committee of cross sector health service provider representatives.  



Advancing the Integration Conversation is available for your information and use.

The report contains seven recommendations to Toronto Central LHIN in response to the three initial questions that launched the third party review:

  • How does Toronto Central LHIN sustain success in voluntary integrations? 

  • How does Toronto Central LHIN successfully lead facilitated integrations?

  • Where should Toronto Central LHIN look to lead facilitated integrations?

Implementing the Integration Program

Toronto Central LHIN has an approved plan to implement the recommendations from the third party review, Implementing the Integration Program.  The plan will be implemented over three years, and will link the recommendations from the review to the three questions above. 

Implementation effort will also be linked with other major work streams of Toronto Central LHIN, such as but not limited to, Local Collaboratives, and the Integration of Home and Community Care.  Key to the success of the implementation plan is embedding the fundamental principles that:

  • Integration activity is about Improving Services to Patients and Clients.  As such, all health service providers and LHINs have an obligation to consider integration opportunities. 

  • Integration consists of a Spectrum of Activity, as outlined in the third party review.  This spectrum ought to be considered by all providers and Toronto Central LHIN, both individually and collectively, as part of continuous quality improvement efforts for patient and client services, as well as regular strategic and operational planning processes. 

Spectrum of Integration Activity

Degree of Integration

For any questions on integrations at the Toronto Central LHIN please contact, Nello DelRizzo, Senior Consultant at or 416-969-3318.