A Collective Impact Approach: From Strategy to Action 

Within our upcoming plan, you will see a focus on accelerating positive outcomes for the people that we serve. We transparently outline our contributions as a LHIN as well as the expectations we have of our partners.

We have also outlined measures of progress over a four-year period and we will work continuously with our Citizen Advisors, government partners, and the communities that we serve to hold us collectively accountable as a health system.

While we will work with our partners to focus relentlessly on achieving these commitments, we also acknowledge a need to adapt over time and we will be taking a continuous improvement approach to do so.

This means consistently reassessing whether our efforts are improving outcomes and experiences that are aligned with what people want, and adjusting our actions accordingly.



People and Providers want a connected system:

1. That provides simple and timely access to care and support that allows people to be healthy and at home where possible

2. That is easy to navigate and ensures care is coordinated

3. Where providers and patients communicate and work together

Learn about our upcoming new Strategic Plan, click here.  



Sandra's Story -On the importance of a connected system 

Patients with complex chronic conditions interact regularly and frequently with the health care system and know when timely intervention is required. Gaining access 24/7 in the community to providers you know and who know you is optimal for care. This requires ways to communicate beyond face-to-face. Once contact is made, there is tremendous relief and hopefully an Emergency Department visit, the current 24/7 option, is avoided.


Toronto Central LHIN Receives Accreditation Primer Award