The Toronto Central LHIN is looking to address health challenges locally by engaging people and providers at the sub-region level to co-design solutions that will have the most impact possible across the Toronto Central LHIN.

In order to gather this information, we requested providers’ help to create a dynamic data-set that will be a valuable resource for us all. This initiative resulted through recent engagements where community providers identified the need for a clear sight line into the current services available at the community level.

The database is now in place. The Toronto Central LHIN aims to empower providers with this health service information to inform future planning considerations and enable providers from across the LHIN to come together to address common challenges and opportunities to better serve Torontonians. 

What is the data collection about?

Our goal is to help improve access, navigation and communications for patients. To start, we need to know what services are currently available and where. This information can be a valuable resource to providers, to better understand services available locally and to the LHIN for planning purposes to help us all to better serve the needs of our local communities. 

Where will this information be used?

Over the fiscal year 2017-18 the Toronto Central LHIN will begin to share the data results with providers locally and internally for planning initiatives. We aim to have a public facing resource available next year.

How can you get more information about the data collection?

For questions about the data, or to request specific data pulls please email: Myuri Elango Pandian or Ting Lim.

The Toronto Central LHIN is holding two webinars to provide information about the data that was collected, how to access it, some examples of the how the data can be used to inform planning and future products being developed using the data. Please arrange for the appropriate staff from your organization to attend any one of the following sessions:

Click Here to view the Webinar Presentation Deck.