Health Services Directory

As part of our effort to improve access to specialists, the Toronto Central LHIN has collaborated with University Health Network, Ontario Telemedicine Network, eHealth Ontario and Information Network to create the Health Services Directory.  

What is the Health Services Directory?

Launched in June 2018, the Health Services Directory is a dynamic and comprehensive web-based repository of specialists and community services within the Toronto Central LHIN.

The Directory was created to support primary care physicians, medical specialists and their support staff in finding comprehensive and regularly updated information on specialists and community resources to support their patients. The goal is to prevent misdirected referrals and delayed access to care that can occur when access to up-to-date and complete information is a challenge.

Hosted on Ontario Telemedicine Network (OTN) platform, users can access a full set of information on medical specialists beyond basic demographics (such as physician specialty, secondary address location, referral process information).  Information on the directory consists of:

1. eHealth Ontario’s Provincial Provider Registry as the source of specialists information 
2. Toronto Central LHIN's Healthline information network, as the source of community services information
3. Hospital medical affairs information
4. Self-reported data from specialists at some hospitals

Benefits of the Directory

• Improved awareness of, and access to, both telemedicine and non-telemedicine services available for patients
• Provides physicians with better understanding of a specialist’s scope of expertise
• Access to complete and regularly updated information in one easy to use place
• Will enable enhanced referral accuracy with correct information on referral form
• Increased opportunities for new specialists to establish their presence and promote their practice

Gaining Access to the Health Services Directory

The Health Services Directory can be accessed at: There are three methods for physicians to obtain access to the Directory:

  1. Register for ONE ID account through CPSO website, and contact OTN at 1-855-654-0888 to gain access, or

  2. Sign-up directly through as an independent practitioner or hospital-affiliated physician.  Once you have valid credentials, follow the instructions provided here to log in to the Directory

  3. Alternatively, limited access to partial specialist information is available without a ONEID or OTNHub login.

What type of information on specialists is available on the Directory?

The Health Services Directory has been developed in collaboration by all partners and had design input from more than 40 primary care providers and healthcare administrators and features the following information on specialists:

1. Specialist Name
2. Specialist Gender 
3. Languages Spoken 
4. Office Location(s)
5. Contact Details (Phone, Fax, and/or Website)
6. Specialty
7. Sub-Specialty 
8. Specialty Interest/ Area(s) of lnterest* 
9. Profession Code (e.g. MD, etc.)
10. Affiliations 
11. Referral process*
12. Average wait time*
13. Accept office referrals
*Login required to view information