French Language Services

All Toronto Central LHIN Service Accountability Agreements (SAA) outline obligations regarding French Language Services (under the Toronto CentralLHIN Local Obligations).

 16/17 SAA Obligation:

  • Participation in French Language Service (FLS) planning:
  • For identified HSPs that provide services in French, develop a FLS plan and demonstrate yearly progress towards meeting designation criteria.
  • HSPs that are not identified for the provision of FLS, the expectation is to identify their French-speaking clients. This information is to be used by the HSP to help with the establishment of an environment where people’s linguistic backgrounds are collected, linked with existing health services data and utilized in health services and health system planning to ensure services are culturally and linguistically sensitive.

Reporting Obligations For Non Identified and designated HSPs:

  • The annual report for 2016-2017 is due by April 28, 2017

Annual Report on French Language Services 

The 2016-17 Annual Report on French Language Services will soon be due. We ask that Health Service Providers check their Service Accountability Agreement Reporting Schedule to ensure timely reporting. Some providers will be required to make their submissions by April 28, 2017.

We ask that Health Service Providers check their Service Accountability Agreement Reporting Schedule to ensure timely reporting.

The FLS Report template that is posted is for multi-year usage until 2020-2021. Reporting staff completing the template are asked to follow the steps below:

Step 1: Select if the HSP is a designated/identified or non-identified agency.

Step 2: Select the Fiscal Year (drop-down menu)

Step 3:  Fill in the report and send it to

Step 4: Save a copy for your records

The template can be accessed by clicking here.   

For Identified HSPs

  • No annual report is due
  • Instead there is a provincial initiative to have Identified HSPs to complete a Designation Request Readiness Assessment (see attached).
  • This readiness assessment is due April 28th – please submit to Tharcisse Ntakibirora, Toronto Central LHIN French Language Services Coordinator, at
  • For reference the list of Identified agencies is attached here.

Should you have any questions, please contact the Toronto Central LHIN FLS Coordinator Tharcisse Ntakibirora, at 416-969-3235 or at the e-mail above.