Toronto Central LHIN Physicians Directory 

As part of our efforts to enhance access to specialists, the Toronto Central LHIN created a directory of physicians which is available for download by registered health professionals.

This Directory is a first iteration, using information from 2014. Through consultations with providers the LHIN has identified the creation of a specialist directory as part of the Primary and Community Care Strategy priority to improve access to specialists. Over the next year the LHIN will be continuing consultations to develop a new long-term solution that is current and user-friendly for our providers. 

The current directory provides physician contact information sorted by:

  1. Geography 
  2. Specialty
  3. Language Spoken

The Toronto Central LHIN Physician Directory contains information sourced from eHealth Ontario and the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario. The Directory is meant for care providers to locate basic information regarding physicians in the city of Toronto. This information is not to be used for resale or commercial transfer.

Use of The Toronto Central LHIN Physician Directory is strictly restricted to the following:

  1. to communicate with other health care providers (i.e., as in communicating specialization enquiries or referrals);
  2. to search for health care providers in order to meet specific needs (i.e. in searching by geographic location and specialty); and
  3. for the purposes of providing or assisting in the provision of health care to individuals in their care

How do I get access to the Toronto Central LHIN Physicians Directory? 

Send an email to torontocentral@LHINS.ON.CA with the subject line: "Request for Physician Directory" and include the information below. All information is required in order to receive access. An email response will be provided within 48 hours with instructions on how to access the directory.

  1. First Name
  2. Last Name
  3. Professional Designation (e.g. MD, NP, etc.)
  4. Clinic/Organization Name
  5. Email Address