Supplemental Data Collection

Together with HSP360, Toronto Central LHIN is proud to announce the launch of the new HSP Supplemental Submission Forms and Dashboards

Toronto Central Local Health Integration Network (LHIN) launched the Health Service Provider (HSP) Supplemental Information Initiative in January 2017. The information collected through this initiative has helped to inform future planning opportunities and integration efforts. It is also helping to empower providers across the LHIN to come together to address common challenges and opportunities to better serve Torontonians.

We need your support

To continue our efforts in providing you with an up-to-date resource to better understand services available locally, and to help support navigation and coordination of health care services in Toronto Central, we are calling upon all community providers to review their supplemental information for 2018/19, and provide any corrections or updated information for their organization and LHIN-funded services.

Updating your information – Submission forms

As of May 2018, the community supplemental data collection will leverage HSP360 and involve a new streamlined process that will allow providers to input or update their data.

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Interactive Dashboards

The new interactive HSP Supplemental Dashboards are a user-friendly tool aimed to support health service providers better understand services available locally and help inform planning opportunities and coordination of health care services.

Now available on HSP360 and accessible to all Toronto Central LHIN health service providers, the customizable dashboards and service maps provide a holistic view of community services across Toronto Central LHIN.

Building on the success of the HSP Supplemental Information Initiative and utilizing the comprehensive data collected, the dashboards are a tool to empower providers across the LHIN to identify and address common challenges and opportunities to better serve Torontonians.

Information contained in the dashboards includes but is not limited to; data on accessibility of services, geographies served, priority populations served and health conditions and more. Through the intuitive design this information can be accessed quickly and easily and without need for manual working or heavy manipulation of data.

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Getting Started

The submission form and dashboards can be found on HSP360, a central repository for system-level data including data on hospitals, mental health and addictions, community support services, and community health centres. 

To access HSP360, head to login or register to get started.

If you would like more information on accessing the tool, please contact

Please read the Health Service Provider (HSP) Supplemental Information Initiative manual, by clicking here. 


For questions about the data, or to request specific data pulls please email Ting Lim.