Quality is integral to Toronto Central LHIN and our aim is to enable better health outcomes for citizens by providing fair and equitable access to good quality care across the healthcare system.

Our Goal: ‘Improve patient healthcare outcomes through new and innovative approaches to quality improvement within our LHIN region’

The LHINs role in improving quality

As health system coordinators and funders, Toronto Central LHIN actively works with health system partners and our providers, to ensure that the patient experience is central to everything we do and seek ways to improve the quality of care across the health care system.

The LHIN actively works to improve quality through: 

 Quality Framework Image

  • Integrate Patient Experience measure within LHIN framework
  • Provide advisory to Quality Improvement Plans (QIP)
  • Identify collaboration QIP opportunity and facilitate c-QIP
  • Catalyze implementation of quality standards
  • Act in advisory role  
  • Understand current and future QI capacity needs
  • Identify gaps and look to meet needs by leveraging existing capacity and potentially additional resources 

How can I get involved with quality improvement work in Toronto Central?

If you are a health care provider, consider engaging your colleagues, either within your organization or within a partner organization, to identify issues that could benefit from a quality improvement approach. There may be existing work that you can support, or, there may be new issues that need to be tackled. You can use Quality Compass to look for Quality Improvement tools and templates to support you and your colleagues.

If you are a citizen hoping to get engaged in quality improvement in Toronto Central, consider becoming a Citizen Advisor or check with your local health care provider to see if they have a Patient and Family Advisory Council.

More Information

If you would like to know more about how to get involved in Quality Improvement within Toronto Central, contact the Quality Lead.



QIP Documents:

  • Health Quality Ontario

  • Health Quality Ontario (HQO) is the province’s advisor on health care quality and quality improvement.

  • Indicators and Change Ideas: Explore the quality indicators being tracked by health care organizations in Ontario through Quality Improvement Plans (QIPs), and evidence-based change ideas to help improve them. Connect with others to share your experiences and ideas of your own, here
  • Quality Improvement Tools and Resources: Explore the links below for an overview of QI, including tools and resources for each step in your QI journey, here