Quality is integral to Toronto Central LHIN and our aim is to enable better health outcomes for citizens by providing fair and equitable access to good quality care across the healthcare system.

Our Goal: ‘Improve patient healthcare outcomes through new and innovative approaches to quality improvement within our LHIN region’

The LHINs role in improving quality

As health system coordinators and funders, Toronto Central LHIN actively works with health system partners and our providers, to ensure the primacy of the patient experience is central to everything we do and seek ways to improve the quality of care across the health care system.

The LHIN actively works to improve quality through: 

 Quality Framework Image
  • Monitor Quality Performance at the system level
  • Integrate Patient Experience measure within LHIN framework
  • Provide advisory to Quality Improvement Plans (QIP)
  • Identify collaboration QIP opportunity and facilitate c-QIP
  • Catalyze implementation of quality standards
  • Act in advisory role 
  • Complete QI capacity assessments for TC LHIN
  • Understand current and future QI capacity needs
  • Identify gaps and look to meet needs by leveraging existing capacity and potentially additional resources 

What does quality improvement look like in Toronto Central LHIN?

Toronto Central LHIN’s approach to improve quality of care is in line with key strategic provincial directions such as the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care’s Action Plan for Health Care, the Excellent Care for All Act, Health Quality Ontario (HQO) Common Quality Agenda and Patients First.

This work is underpinned by the Toronto Central LHIN’s five strategic priorities which are in the Toronto Central LHIN’s Strategic Plan and Integrated Health Service Plan:

  • Taking a population health approach
  • Designing health care for the future
  • Transforming primary health and community care
  • Achieving excellence in operations, and;
  • Leading and supporting our people.

Quality improvement is incorporated in the work of many groups and tables looking at various aspects of the LHIN work including performance management, improvement in Ministry LHIN Accountability Indicators, and priority areas.


How can I get involved with quality improvement work in Toronto Central?

If you are a health care provider, consider engaging your colleagues, either within your organization or a partner organization, to identify issues that could benefit from a quality improvement approach. There may be existing work that you can support, or, there may be new issues that need to be tackled. You can use Quality Compass to look for QI tools and templates to support you and your colleagues; and you can use the Share IDEAS page to search for similar initiatives so you can build on something that has already been tested. See additional resources below.

If you are a citizen hoping to get engaged in quality improvement in Toronto Central, consider the Toronto Central Citizens Panel, or check with your local health care provider to see if they have a Patient and Family Advisory Council.