Health Equity Data Collection

Equity and the collection of equity data continues to be a high priority for Toronto Central LHIN.  Collection of this data supports a population health approach to planning and service delivery and ensures knowledge about the diverse populations served and disparities in health access and patient outcomes is captured.

Within Toronto Central, the aim is to record demographic data on 75% of patients and clients in the system.  In support of this aim, participation in LHIN equity initiatives including equity data collection is included within H-SAAs and M-SAAs as a Toronto Central LHIN obligation. 

Please note, the proposed expansion of data collection at the time of OHIP registration does not replace the data being collected by Toronto Central LHIN and providers are encouraged to continue expanding data collection and using the data for program planning and direct patient/client delivery to reduce health inequities. The latest report from Sinai Health System on data collected to date, lessons learned, and examples of how the data has been used, can be found here.

The reporting requirements for Hospitals and Community Health Centres (CHCs) 2017-2018 are as follows:

1. Data Reporting Requirements



 Equity Data indicators:

  • Hospitals/CHC are required to report on two quality indicators, as identified in the ‘Toronto Central LHIN Hospital and CHCs Equity Data Collection Indicators Technical Specification documents


Q2 Reporting – January 29, 2018

Q4 Reporting - June 7, 2018

Data Summary report:

  • CHCs/Hospitals are required to submit a summary of the demographic data they have collected on patients/clients


Q4 - June 7, 2018

Data Stratification Report:

  • CHCs and Hospitals are required to stratify at least one indicator of interest to their organizations, by selected socio-demographic characteristics.

Please note: More details will be provided after reviewing the finalized report of the 2016/17 stratification data.


Q4 - June 7, 2018

**Reporting templates and instructions will be provided by the Sinai Health System team. They will be in direct contact with your organization’s project leads to provide documents, support, and one-on-one consultations on how to complete the reports.

Please refer to the attached specifications for more details on these reporting requirements and submit the completed reporting to Mount Sinai Health Systems.

2.  Sustainability Report

Hospitals/CHCs are required to submit a report to the Toronto Central LHIN outlining the actions and structures they will put in place to meet data collection targets and sustain progress so far. The Toronto Central LHIN will provide a template and the Sinai Health System team will work closely with the organizations to develop workplans and complete documentation. The deadline for submitting the ‘Sustainability Report’ is March 9, 2018. 

3. Data submission by Hospitals

Hospitals to continue submitting data to Institute for Clinical Evaluation Sciences (ICES) and working with ICES as required.

Next steps:

One objective is for the LHIN to work with the Toronto Indigenous Health Advisory Circle (TIHAC) to develop a Data Sharing Agreement (DSA) for the Indigenous data. Providers are reminded to not share Indigenous data externally beyond their organizations until this DSA is completed.

Thank you all for your continued support and participation in this important project. Toronto Central LHIN greatly appreciates all the efforts that hospitals and CHCs have invested in collecting this data and using it to improve health inequities. As well, thank you to the Sinai Health System Health Equity team for supporting this project.

For more information, updates and resources related to equity data collection, please visit the Measuring Health Equity website

If you have any questions about the above, please contact:

LHIN: Cynthia Damba,; 416-217-3820 ext. 3213.

Hospitals:  Caroline Bennett-AbuAyyash,, 416 586 4800 x5683;

CHCs: Narina Nagra,, 416 586 4800 x5881



Attachment A: CHC Equity Data Collection Technical Specifications

Attachment B: Hospital Equity Data Collection Technical Specifications