For Health Service Providers

This section provides information and linkages for the benefit of Health Service Providers (HSPs) in the Toronto Central region. 

Accountability Agreements

Resource materials for health service providers to support them during the accountability agreement processes. 

Bundled Care

Information and resources for health service providers regarding Bundled Care

Capital Planning

Information and resources for health services providers regarding the capital planning process.

Hospital Infrastructure Renewal Funding

Health Infrastructure Renewal Fund (HIRF) provides funds to supplement a hospital's existing capital renewal program and help address renewal needs...

Health System Improvement Pre-Proposal

Toronto Central LHIN health service providers can articulate a request for funding or a notification of voluntary integration using the Health Syst...


Toronto Central LHIN has undertaken a quality initiative that has a comprehensive approach to measuring quality, incorporating equity and ensuring ...

Health Services Directory

As part of our efforts to enhance access to specialists, the Toronto Central LHIN has created a directory of specialists which is available for dow...

Sub Regions

Toronto Central LHIN has divided its region into five planning areas (which we are calling our "sub-regions") to provide a foundation for the devel...

Expression Of Interest

Toronto Central LHIN: Expressions of Interest

Francophone Flag

French Language Health Services

More information for health service providers regarding French Language Services. 

Health Equity Impact Assessment

Health Equity Impact Assessment (HEIA) is a decision support tool which walks users through the steps of identifying how a program, policy or similar ...

HSP 360

Toronto Central LHIN, in partnership with CAMH, have recently launched an online reporting tool for health service providers across all sectors.&nb...

Palliative Care Network

In the Toronto Central LHIN, a new local Palliative Care Network is being developed that will bring together health service providers and key stakehol...

HSP Supplemental Data Collection

The Toronto Central LHIN is looking to address health challenges locally by engaging people and providers at the sub-region level to co-design solu...

Health Equity Data Collection

Equity and data collection continue to be a high priority for the Toronto Central LHIN

Toronto Region PPE and Critical Supplies

Toronto Region Personal Protective Equipment and Critical Supplies