Meet our Home and Community Care PFAC



Carole Ann Alloway

Carole Ann is a caregiver for her husband who was only supposed to have one operation with a three month recovery, but turned into 10 operations over 7 years.  Carole Ann has witnessed first-hand the gaps in the health care system.  She is a member of the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care Patient and Family Advisory Council, speaks at health care conferences, hospitals, home care agencies, etc. to share her experiences while raising awareness of the importance of making the caregiver an integral part of the health care team.  She works closely with Health Quality Ontario on home care standards, The Change Foundation on developing a video based on her ‘Caregiver Wish List’, has won a Heroes in the Home award and co-authored a successful $3M grant application for a local hospital to make it ‘caregiver friendly’.  She has recently been asked to be the co-keynote presenter at the International Conference for Integrated Care in Utrecht.


Minara Begum

Minara is currently a Community Development Coordinator with Hospice Toronto since 2014 and has previously worked at Sherbourne Health Centre. She envisions making health more accessible to all, but currently focuses on improving accessibility for the most vulnerable, most susceptible, and often most forgotten. She has been helping the St. James Town community train volunteers and working to make the Hospice initiative more vibrant among community members, primarily seniors. Minara has front line experience on what the community needs and uses her substantial HR experience and expertise to build a stronger connected community.

Minara has obtained her Masters in Sociology and a Post Graduate Professional Certification in Human Resource Management from York University. She also worked as a Sr. Manager in BRAC, the world’s largest non-governmental development organization.



Diane Charter

Diane Charter is a writer/editor with a background in nursing and journalism and many years of working experience in health care communications in both the institutional and community care sectors. For three years she was the primary caregiver and healthcare advocate for her long-time partner and this experience made her a strong proponent of patients and caregivers being recognized as partners with their healthcare providers. She strongly believes this requires that individuals take responsibility for getting the information needed to play an active role in managing their own health care and helping to inform a patient-centred approach across the health system.

A community activist, Diane served on the Board of the Regent Park Community Health Centre, the Senior Pride Network’s Advisory Committee, and on boards, committees and in mentorship and education roles with other community-based service organizations. 



Melania Comito

Melania has been in Canada for 14 years. Back home she worked as a researcher at the Faculty of Sociology in her city. When she moved with her husband from Italy to Toronto, they started a business where she currently works as an Administrative Manager. Her parents are both immigrants, his father is affected by a serious disease and receives some Toronto Central LHIN homecare services. As a daughter of immigrants who don’t speak English she has to help them in navigating the Health Care System. Melania, who had the privilege to be an inaugural member of the Citizens’ Panel, can bring her experience as a researcher and newcomer who had to learn how to access to a Health Care System which was new and different from the one in her country.    



Georgette Gregory

Georgette was born in Glace Bay Nova Scotia and came to Toronto in 1947.  Entered the Sisters of St. Joseph in 1958.  Became a Registered  Nurse in 1971 and a Nurse Practitioner in 1977. She has ministered to homeless people through volunteering on the Sherbourne Health Bus for 17 yrs., and organized and ran a visiting program for seniors isolated in their home called In Good Company. She is presently the Health and Medical Support person for the Sisters of St. Joseph. Georgette feels strongly about the health care system, namely advocating for vulnerable people experiencing problems with the system, so she is happy to be a member of the Home and Community Care Patient and Family Advisory Committee.




Patricia Maurice

Pat’s volunteer work started in her teens in Montreal where she worked as a hospital volunteer, home visitor to shut-in seniors, and supported the research and implementation of a walk-in referral centre operated by the local Community Health Services Centre (CLSC).

She acquired a wide range of skills throughout her work life including planning, program development, and project management in Human Resources, particularly the development and implementation of new interactive employee benefits programs and systems.

Pat has years of experience working with various CCACs to provide care-giving and support to ill and disabled family and friends to get the services needed so they could remain in their homes. She manages multiple chronic conditions and has much experience as a patient in 5 different Toronto hospitals. As a retiree living in a large complex with many seniors, Pat is actively involved in her community.  She has been involved in the planning and delivery of various services such as a tenant library, health workshops, a website, tenant guide, and an orientation and intake program for Syrian newcomers. She is an active member of the Toronto Police Services Neighbourhood Safety Council in her Thorncliffe Park neighbourhood.

Pat is very committed to using her skills, private sector and personal experience to improve the delivery of patient centered care and services to the home and local community.



Omar Khan 

For almost three years, Omar has been deeply involved with refugee newcomers, helping them settle, integrate and thrive in the Greater Toronto Area. He currently is an active steering committee member with the Together Project, and helps run a math catch up program for refugees who missed school prior to coming to Canada. Omar is involved in a number of helping initiatives in the Toronto area. He volunteers with Hospice Toronto to assist those who are dying, and has volunteered with the Young Careers Program to help children who support family members with complicated medical situations. He worked with Project Neutral to reduce neighbourhood carbon footprints.

Before returning to Toronto, Omar lived in San Francisco, where he was an award winning computer scientist working at Google and a graduate student at the University of California at Berkeley, where he studied computer science and developed skills and interests in new media art.


Deanna McNeil

Deanna is a retired registered nurse who spent her career working with the psycho-geriatric population both in hospital and the community. In addition she did and continues to do volunteer work with non-profit agencies. Her motivation in joining the Citizens Panel is to identify and correct the deficiencies in the home care service thus enabling the delivery service to meet each individual's need for optimal home health care and improving their quality of life.



Farrah Punjah

Bio Coming Soon




Dean Valentine

Dean Valentine  -  As a veteran of Canada's Royal Canadian Navy, Dean’s experiences, knowledge, and professional competencies are gained through 25 years of dedicated service to the Canadian Forces Logistics Branch. His employment has been in a vast spectrum of working environments domestically and internationally, in an array of junior and senior leadership positions in the area of Human Resource Management and Financial Support Services.  Since his arrival to Toronto in July of 2008, as a result of overcoming challenges with his own physical and mental health, Dean has been committed and focused on mindful approaches to community engagement service work.  Dean has volunteered with; The Aids Committee of Toronto, Employment Action, St. Michael’s Family Health Team’s Patient Design Team, and he is currently working as a psychiatry research volunteer and peer group co-facilitator with St. Michaels’s addictions medicine team.  Dean has a keen interest in promoting health literacy and healthcare communications within our communities.