Meet our Home and Community Care PFAC


Carole Ann Alloway- Co-Chair 

As a caregiver for her husband who was supposed to have one operation with 3 months recovery but instead had 10 operations over 7 years, Carole Ann has witnessed first-hand the gaps in the health care system. Carole Ann is and has been involved in numerous projects and initiatives with multiple organizations and continues to be an advocate for patients and caregivers in the healthcare system.


Patricia Maurice- Co-Chair

An active member of the Toronto Police Services Neighbourhood Safety Council in her Thorncliffe neighbourhood and having significant experience volunteering in various healthcare capacities, Pat remains active in her community. She also brings years of experience working with various CCACs to provide informal caregiving and support to ill and family and friends with disabilities to get the services needed to remain in home.


Deanna McNeil- Member 

Deanna is a retired registered nurse who spent her career working with the psycho-geriatric population both in hospital and the community. In addition she did and continues to do volunteer work with non-profit agencies. Her motivation in joining the Home and Community Care PFAC is to identify and correct the deficiencies in the home care service thus enabling service delivery to meet each individual's need for optimal home health care and improving their quality of life.


Dean Valentine- Member

A veteran of Canada’s Royal Canadian Navy, Dean’s experiences, knowledge, and professional competencies are gained through 25 years of dedicated service to the Canadian Forces Logistics Branch. Since his arrival in Toronto in 2008, and as a result of overcoming challenges with his own physical and mental health, Dean has been committed and focused on mindful approaches to community engagement service work.


Minara Begum- Member

Minara has been a Community Development Coordinator with Hospice Toronto since 2014, has previously worked at Sherbourne Health Centre, and has font line experience understands the community needs of residents of Thorncliffe and St. James Town. She envisions making health care more accessible to all, but especially those most vulnerable sectors.



Melania Comito- Member

As a daughter of immigrants who do not speak English but currently receive home care services from the Toronto Central LHIN, Melania helps them navigate the health care system. 15 years ago, Melania and her husband moved to Toronto and thus, she also understands the perspective of a newcomer to Ontario’s health care system.


Omar Khan-Member

For over three years, Omar has been deeply involved with refugee newcomers, helping them settle, integrate and thrive in the Greater Toronto Area. He also volunteers with Hospice Toronto to assist those who are dying, and has volunteered with the Young Careers Program to help children who support family members with complicated medical situations.



Kaarina Wilson-Member

Kaarina joined the Home and Community Care PFAC to make change and help modernize our health system. She has been a chronic disease patient since 2004 and has largely navigated the system on her own. She has also been a peer leader for Choose Health, leading chronic pain and chronic disease self-management workshops across the LHIN since 2014. She also joined the City’s Poverty Reduction Strategy’s Lived Experience Advisory Group in 2016 and has been an active member since then. The intersection of health and poverty is Kaarina’s passion. 



Marlene Rathbone-Member

Marlene is from an Indigenous background and her experience with the health care system (especially access to specialists) has left her with an amputated leg. Currently receiving home care services, Marlene brings the perspective of being an indigenous woman accessing the health care system. As a member of the Home and Community Care PFAC, she will provide feedback on current services the LHIN provides.


Jacqueline Maree -Member

Jacqueline Maree has been a caregiver and advocate for her husband for many years. She is a strong advocate for home and community care, having experienced the advantages and the support of the LHIN and its various areas of health care management. She has a strong interest in seeing standard access to care and accessibility across the health care system and LHINS. As a member of the PFAC, she is honoured to add her voice to the discussion surrounding quality care and communication.