Citizens in our communities are the experts in how they experience an illness, a set of life circumstances, the care they receive or the health system with which they interact. Effective and meaningful community engagement helps us design health services that are responsive to the needs of those we serve while also offering them the opportunity to participate actively in the decision-making process.

Given the diversity of Toronto’s population, partnering with and listening to an equally diverse group of patients and families is critical. We consistently seek new ways to expand and deepen our connections with our diverse health service providers, patient/client and resident communities, and marginalized groups in our LHIN.

The Toronto Central LHIN Patient & Family Advisory Committee

Listening to voices within our communities is critical to our work at the Toronto Central LHIN, and in 2019, we continued these efforts by forming the Toronto Central LHIN Patient and Family Advisory Committee (PFAC).

Bringing together and building on the strengths of two previous groups, our Citizens’ Panel (initially launched in 2016), and our Home and Community Care Patient and Family Advisory Committee (initially launched in 2018), the Toronto Central LHIN PFAC provides a venue for the Toronto Central LHIN staff and partners to collaborate with a diverse collection of patients, caregivers, and community members with a variety of lived experience within the health care system. 

The PFAC members use their combined lived experience, values and priorities to bring a patient-centered lens to the work of the LHIN and our partners in an effort to positively impact health and health care, highlighting areas where these services could be more client- and family-centered. Through inclusion, transparency, open dialogue and respectful relationships, the PFAC works collaboratively to ensure the best possible experience for patients, caregivers, families and residents.

The newly formed table met for the first time in August 2019.

Citizen Advisors

Citizen Advisors are citizens of the Toronto Central LHIN who have indicated interest in contributing to the work of Toronto Central LHIN in various capacities. To provide more opportunities for a broader range of our population, citizen advisors are paired with working groups and planning tables across Toronto Central LHIN. Ensuring meaningful engagement means individual experience and background are strategically matched to the identified groups.



Meet our Toronto Central LHIN Patient and Family Advisory Committee 



Contact Information:

Ryan Hinds
Community Engagement Lead