"Your Local" West Toronto Sub-Region


As partners of the West, we are focused on:

Population Based Planning 

Service Alignment and Integration 

 Performance Improvement


The future of health care is local.

The Local is a storytelling platform that brings a human dimension to population health data in the Toronto Central LHIN. It tells hyperlocal stories about population health issues and grassroots innovations happening within the Toronto neighbourhoods that make up the LHIN’s five sub-regions.

No data without stories, and no stories without data.



Mrs. Jegroo has been living with Type 2 Diabetes for 17 years. Like many seniors struggling with the condition, diet and exercise have been challenging to manage on her own. After receiving help from Reconnect Community Health Services, she was able to attend a life-changing rehab program at the West Park Healthcare Centre. Learn More...

"For almost every chronic condition, there is a recommendation about a diet. If we don’t address that, than we’re just waiting for people to get sick and waiting for people to go to hospital. We will end up spending more money in the long run. The province funds social services, they fund income support, they fund health care, and they fund transportation — so why can’t we work together?"  Learn More...

What happens when the only store in your neighbourhood shuts down? Learn More






Home & Community Leads: 
Thom Burger (West Toronto Support Services)
Mohamed Badsha (Reconnect Community Health Services)
Sujata Ganguli (St. Clair West Services for Seniors)
Deborah Egan (Toronto Central LHIN Home and Community Care)   

Hospital Resource Partner: 
St. Joseph's Health Centre

LHIN Lead: 
Deepy Sur

Primary Care Clinical Lead: 
Dr.Donald Smith