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Caregiver Resources

When you have a loved one that is ill, it can be difficult to juggle the demands of everyday life while also being a primary caregiver. Informal caregivers (family members, friends, neighbours and others) often experience both the physical and emotional demands associated with caring for their loved one at the end of life. The links and resources below are specifically designed to support the caregiver in playing this crucial role through access to research, relevant tools, educational materials, and opportunities for networking with others. If you’re looking specifically for services to support a caregiver, please also visit the search for services tab under healthcare providers or patients and families and select one of the links under caregiver support.

Family Caregiving for People at the End of Life - On this site you will find resource materials for the caregiver but also tools for healthcare providers, policy makers, and researchers to support caregivers systemically.

A Caregiver's Guide: A Handbook about End of Life Care - This guide was developed to support the caregiver through the palliative care journey and provides information on how to care for a loved one at the end of life. It also provides suggestions on how to look after oneself as a caregiver.

When Someone Close to You is Dying - This booklet was developed by the National Initiative for Care of the Elderly (NICE) and is an excellent tool to support caregivers in understanding what to expect and how they can help.