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Our Work

The Toronto Central Palliative Care Network shares the Vision outlined in the Declaration of Partnership (2011):

Adults and children with progressive life limiting illness, their families and their caregivers will receive the holistic, proactive, timely and continuous care and support they need through the entire spectrum of care both preceding and following death, to:

  • Help them live as they choose, and
  • Optimize their quality of life, comfort, dignity, and security

Toronto Central Palliative Care Strategy

The Network’s 2017-18 Strategy and Work Plan was informed by and developed in collaboration with system stakeholders, including providers and caregivers with experience in palliative care.

Building on the quality improvement efforts having taken place by providers in the LHIN over the past several years, our refreshed Palliative Care Strategy aims to:


  1.  Increase the number of people who receive care in home & community settings
  2.  Improve the palliative care experience of clients and caregivers


Together with our stakeholders, providers, clients, and families we endeavor to achieve these goals by undertaking several targeted improvement efforts:


  1. Enhance & expand the community-based model of palliative care
  2. Assess our Palliative Care Unit (PCU) Current State & Hospital Capacity Assessment
  3. Build Palliative Care Capacity in Long Term Care Homes
  4. Design & implement a Regional Visiting Hospice Volunteer Services(VHVS) Program
  5. Implement a Palliative Model of Care for the Homeless
  6. Implement new palliative resources  for the Indigenous population

For more information on our Palliative Care Strategy click here.