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Population Based Planning 

Service Alignment and Integration 

 Performance Improvement


The future of health care is local.

The Local is a storytelling platform that brings a human dimension to population health data in the Toronto Central LHIN. It tells hyperlocal stories about population health issues and grassroots innovations happening within the Toronto neighbourhoods that make up the LHIN’s five sub-regions.

No data without stories, and no stories without data.



As part of our continuing portrait series of seniors who live alone in North Toronto, we paid a visit to Ms Palmer, a 93-year old resident of Mount Pleasant West.

In addition to living with a combination of chronic conditions that afflict many seniors at her age, Ms Palmer is slowly losing her eyesight. And yet, like the other seniors I’ve met in Mount Pleasant West, Ms Palmer is content with her solo living arrangement and the freedom it affords her. Learn More...

The majority of neighbourhoods in North Toronto have a higher proportion of seniors living alone compared to the rest of the Toronto Central LHIN. One neighbourhood in particular, Mount Pleasant West, stands above them all. There, a whopping 58% of seniors live alone. 

This portrait series takes you into the lives of three seniors, 81, 92 and 103 years young. Watch and listen as the series explores the themes of friendship, family, and loneliness, and the struggle to remain independent. Learn More...


Mount Pleasant West QI 





Home & Community Leads: 
Stacy Landau (SPRINT Senior Care)
Debra Walko (Loft Community Service)
Debbie Guyader (Toronto Central LHIN Home and Community Care)  

Hospital Resource Partner: 
Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre

LHIN Lead: 
Wilfred Cheung

Primary Care Clinical Lead: 
Dr.Yoel Abells