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The future of health care is local.

The Local is a storytelling platform that brings a human dimension to population health data in the Toronto Central LHIN. It tells hyperlocal stories about population health issues and grassroots innovations happening within the Toronto neighbourhoods that make up the LHIN’s five sub-regions.

No data without stories, and no stories without data.


A former resident traces his path out of homelessness and addiction in Moss Park.  Peter Hosten is, among many things, an impressive storyteller. Below he shares his experiences with addiction, homelessness, and bipolar disorder, alongside photos he took of what he calls his “circle.”

Although this is only a snapshot of Hosten’s life, his story highlights the complexity of planning health care services for this population: he associates the emergency room with being beaten while being mugged, he accessed a variety of supportive services while homeless and still does while housed.

In many ways Peter’s story contradicts what the health care system typically understands of this user group. We gave Peter a disposable camera and asked him to document the complexity of living with homelessness, mental health and addictions in Moss Park. Learn More...


India needed help—she was falling behind in her classes, overwhelmed with what counsellors kept telling her was generalized anxiety. In the end, she had a serious condition: fibromyalgia. While she eventually found outside treatment for her condition, India made her way through the University of Toronto's counselling services first, and credits the experience with putting her on the path to finally understanding her condition. 

India's story is but one of the many thousands of students who are turning to their colleges and universities for mental health care. The schools are doing what they can to rise to the challenge, but often struggle with the high demand, and a lack of resources. "These are young adults often with pre-existing mental health conditions that they’ve been dealing with their whole lives," says Allan MacDonald, Director of Student Health and Wellness at Ryerson University. "But we’re not connected [at Ryerson] to any kind of health system—we’re completely outside of that community." Learn More...



Sherry Rutter made her way to the June Callwood Centre for Young Women 15 years ago; she was 16-years-old, 10-weeks pregnant, and absolutely terrified. Today, she has graduated from college, and works as the centre's Volunteer Coordinator. Every day, the centre—known as Jessie's—welcomes pregnant adolescents and young mothers, pairing them with a counsellor who can best understand their needs. Often, these are women who need care for their children, but are without a doctor.

“A lot of times, when it comes to youth not accessing services, you hear that it’s not about the service that’s provided, but how it’s provided,” explains Faith Hatchett, the centre's Health Promotion Nurse. “There is so much rigidity — if they have an appointment and they miss it, it’s ‘Sorry, we’re not booking you again. Dealing with youth, working with youth, you have to be very flexible and you have to come in from a non-judgemental place,” she explains. “A lot of the time they’re judged before they even walk through the door.”  Learn More...

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Ashnoor Rahim (Woodgreen Community Services)
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