"Your Local" East Toronto Sub-Region


As partners of the East, we are focused on:

Population Based Planning 

Service Alignment and Integration 

 Performance Improvement


The future of health care is local.

The Local is a storytelling platform that brings a human dimension to population health data in the Toronto Central LHIN. It tells hyperlocal stories about population health issues and grassroots innovations happening within the Toronto neighbourhoods that make up the LHIN’s five sub-regions.

No data without stories, and no stories without data. 


Mental Health & South Asian Newcomers on Toronto’s East Side

Aadish and his wife came to Canada from Bangladesh in 2006 under the Foreign-born professionals program. Both were doctors back home — young, successful and surrounded by family. But like many people who come to Canada seeking a better education for their kids, they now face a harsh reality of long hours and low paid work, high rise living, and the stress of trying to keep it together while struggling with poverty and social isolation. Learn More...

Toronto is truly a city of neighbourhoods — each with it’s own unique needs and challenges. This story takes you to Thorncliffe Park, a small community located in the East Sub-Region of the Toronto Central LHIN.

Hear Munira Khilji and Safeera Mulla from the Thorncliffe Park Collaborative for Muslim Families and Children explain why cultural relevance is so important (and how to make it happen) Learn More...

Something amazing happens in the parking lot of an east-end community centre every Friday afternoon. At around three thirty, a white, unmarked delivery truck would pull up with a bounty of fresh fruit and vegetables, all of which would be handed out to local residents free of charge. 

A significant proportion of Oakridge’s population is on social assistance, 22% to be exact. But food prices have be on a steady rise over the past decade, especially the prices of fruit and vegetables. Today, a single mother with three children on social assistance living in Toronto would have about $100 left to spend on food each month, after paying her rent. Learn More...







Home & Community Leads: 
Rishika Williams (Reconnect Community Health Services)
Ashnoor Rahim (Woodgreen Community Services)
Ian Ritchie (Toronto Central LHIN Home and Community Care) 

Hospital Resource Partner: 
Michael Garron Hospital 

LHIN Lead: 

Gillian Bone

Primary Care Clinical Lead: 

Dr.Geordie Fallis